​​SCHOOL PROGRAM 1- $12 per student

Choice of 8" Animal (from a pre-selected variety of up to 3 different animals per class),

Personality Insert,

Friendship Certificate,

Colorful ANIMALAND bag, 

And an outfit from our T-SHIRT & SUNGLASSES Combo Collection.

SCHOOL PROGRAM 2- $10 per student- 

Choice of 8" Animal (from a pre-selected variety of up to 3 different animals),

Personality Insert,

Friendship Certificate

And a Colorful ANIMLAND bag.

Please plan on 1 1/2 hours per 25 students when opting to use the hand-cranked stuffing machine. 

Please plan on 1 1/2 hours per 75 students when opting to hand stuff the animals. (Additional class helpers will be needed. We recommend 2 helpers per 25 students.)

  • Note: Prices do not include tax. Stuffed By You reserves the right to make changes/deletions to the content of these programs at any time.

School Programs

Stuffed By You School Program packages are the perfect in school field trip! 

Packages start as low as $10 per student. Animals can be stuffed using our hand-cranked stuffingmachine or can be hand-stuffed by the students themselves. The animals and clothing available with our SCHOOL PROGRAMS are unique to these experiences and are not offered during regular Stuffed By You experiences.

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