Stuffed By You School Program packages are the perfect in school field trip!

Packages start as low as $10 per student. Animals can be stuffed using our hand-cranked stuffing machine or can be hand-stuffed by the students themselves. The animals and clothing available with our SCHOOL PROGRAMS are unique to this program and are not offered during regular Stuffed By You experiences.

SCHOOL PROGRAM 1- $12 per student

Choice of 8" Animal (from a pre-selected variety of up to 3 different animals per class),

Personality Insert,

Friendship Certificate,

Colorful ANIMALAND bag, 

And an outfit from our T-SHIRT & SUNGLASSES Combo Collection.

SCHOOL PROGRAM 2- $10 per student- 

Choice of 8" Animal (from a pre-selected variety of up to 3 different animals),

Personality Insert,

Friendship Certificate

And a Colorful ANIMLAND bag.

Please plan on 1 1/2 hours per 25 students when opting to use the hand-cranked stuffing machine. 

Please plan on 1 1/2 hours per 75 students when opting to hand stuff the animals. (Additional class helpers will be needed. We recommend 2 helpers per 25 students.)

  • Note: Prices do not include tax. Stuffed By You reserves the right to make changes/deletions to the content of these programs at any time.

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