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Ingrid & Bryan Glasscock

Owners of "Stuffed by You"


"Stuffed by You" is a small family business. My husband and I are the only employees. 

The idea behind it began after watching our sons at a stuffed animal factory. The delight in their eyes as they watched their animal friends be put together was magical! We knew right then that we wanted to find a way recreate that magic for kids outside of the typical factory or retail store setting.

We wanted the experience to be unique. We wanted the experience to be hands-on. And we wanted the experience to be personal.

I hope you believe we've succeeded, and that you'll find the same magic and delight as we did when you enjoy your own "Stuffed by You" experience!

​Dear Friends,


Stuffed By You Frequently Asked Questions About Stuffed By You

Q> How is an experience with “Stuffed by You” different than going to a build-it-there store? 
A> For one, you don’t need to travel to us- we bring the experience to YOUR home or event. In addition, our Hand Cranked Mechanical Stuffer is one-of-a-kind in the industry and not something you or your guests will likely experience any where else!​​

Q> What if my event is outdoors?

A> No problem! Our machine requires no electricity so we can set-up inside or outside, as long as there is a smooth flat surface. We even have our tent canopy!

Q> When are you available?

A> We typically schedule experiences SAT-SUN between 9 am-8 pm and MON-FRI between 4 pm-8 pm. Weekday accommodations for groups (i.e. Schools, Day Care, etc ) can be also be arranged.

​Q> Is there a minimum?
A> Yes, there is a 6 animal and 6 outfit minimum purchase required for an experience. 

Q> How many of each item do you bring?

A> We strive to encourage your guests to be creative when making their friends. That is why we bring only two of each type of animal (up to 72 animals in all) and 2-3 of each outfit (10 of each colored T-Shirt/Sunglasses combo). This way, each guest is more likely to create a one-of-kind new best friend!

​​Q> Is there an age restriction?

A> We believe the experience of creating your very own huggable friend the “Stuffed by You” way is one that any age will enjoy! We do, however, ask for parental assistance with children 4 and under.

Q> What if I have more/fewer guests than I expected?

A> Once the 6 animal and 6 outfit minimum purchase is met, you are charged just for the products you use. For example, if 7 of your 9 reserved guests show up, you will only be charged for 7. Extra guests are usually not a problem since we bring multiple quantities of animals and outfits with us.

Q> Do you offer coupons or discounts?

​A> Yes, we do! Check out our DEALS page to see what's available..

Q> Why do you charge a service fee?

A> It is another way we keep our per guest prices budget friendly . We charge a single service fee to cover delivery, equipment use, travel, and manpower costs rather than increasing the price of our products.

Q> How do I know if my location is greater than 50 miles away?

A> We map our route to each event starting at our business address: 485 S. Watson Rd, Buckeye, AZ. A $10 fuel surcharge may be added if your event is greater than 50 miles from that point.  

Q> What if our group takes longer than expected?

A> The service fee we charge covers up to 3 hours. If your group takes longer because of mechanical and/or other difficulties on our side, there is no charge to you. However, there may be additional fees for larger groups, unexpected guests and/or delays on your end. (Equipment set-up & break-down time does not count towards the 3 hours.)

Q> Where can I sign my child(ren) up for your Birthday Club?

A> Sign your child(ren) up for our Birthday Club HERE.

Q> Are you available for Fundraising?

A> Yes! We have a couple of different fundraising options. Check out our fundraising page HERE or contact us for more information (480) 529-5466.

Q> Do you offer special school or classroom experiences?

A> Aside from our regular packages, we have school specific programs starting at $10 per student. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs (480) 529-5466.


Q> What if I have more questions?

A> Not to worry, we love hearing from you! Submit additional questions or comments HERE (stuffedbyyou@yahoo.com). Or reach us by phone (480) 529-5466.