​​Experience packages start at $17 per guest. All include an assortment of 20 or more different animals and a clothing collection:

Package 1: Keep It Simple- $17 per guest

  • Choice of 16" Animal,
  • Fluff & Personality Insert
  • Clothing for animal: Outfit from T-Shirt & Sunglasses collection
  • Friendship Certificate

Package 2: Dress It Up- $24 per guest

  • Choice of 16" Animal,
  • Fluff & Personality Insert
  • Clothing for animal: Outfit from Dress-Up collection
  • Friendship Certificate

Optional upgrades:
Scent Paw or Sound Module- Add $3 per guest
Carrying Cradle- Add $3 per guest
Shoes for animal- Add $6 per guest

Can't find the right fit? Let us help you build a package to suit your needs!

There is a $50 service fee per experience. This fee covers the delivery to and display of the animal/ clothing/ add-on choices at your event, up to 3 hours of on-site use of our Hand-Cranked Mechanical Stuffing Machine and a two-person staff to conduct the experience.

  • Prices do not include tax. A 6 animal and 6 outfit minimum purchase is required. Additional service fees may apply to large groups and/or travel distances greater than 50 miles. See our FAQ page for more information.

View the Animals, Clothing and Add-on Accessories currently available HERE​​




There is something magical about creating a stuffed friend of your very own. The "Stuffed by You" experience was designed to capture that magic in a hands-on way your guests will always remember.

During the experience, each guest will:


  • Choose a 16” plush animal to create and take home,

  • Select an outfit from the clothing collection of your choice,

  • ​Fill their animal using our Hand Cranked Mechanical Stuffer 

  • Decide which Personality Insert to seal inside,

  • And, if included by you, add Sound, Scent or other accessories for more character

Friendship Certificates will be on hand so guests can name their new friend too. There is even a special gift for the birthday/ host child!


SCHEDULE YOUR EXPERIENCE! ​Any day of the week! Indoors or Out!